Posted by Jun 21, 2013

I remember the first time I planted something with my daughter who was then 3. I wanted to share my love for gardening. It brought me back to the thrill I experienced in Kindergarten as we waited eagerly for some life to poke its head out of the little dixie cup planters that sat on our classroom window sill.  So my daughter and I planted nasturtiums because they have large seeds and sprout relatively quickly. Each day we would walk out to the garden to water and eagerly await the arrival of our nasturtiums. When they finally popped up, my daughter was so gleeful that I nearly cried.

No matter how old I get, that feeling never gets old for me. Seeing that life burst forth from the earth and knowing that you are responsible is an amazing feeling, much the same feeling as being a parent or delivering a baby.

A group of volunteers at Hudson Valley Hospital Center are experiencing this same thrill as they watch our Organic Garden for Healing grow lusher each day. From hard packed mud in March to a bounty of flowers, peas, lettuce, herbs and medicinal plants in June. Each day is different. Each day brings something new. We are sharing this harvest with patients at our Cancer Center as part of the Hospital’s Seeds for Health and Harvest for Health programs. But we are sharing more than peas and lettuce. We are sharing with them the wonder of life and that can’t help but to speed their recovery. Cancer patients who are interested in visiting the garden should contact our community outreach coordinator at 914-734-3794 to arrange a tour.