Posted by Jun 5, 2014

If you have read the news lately, you may wonder what’s up with mammograms.
In the past few years, contradictory media reports about the importance of mammograms have left many women wondering: Should I get my first mammogram at age 40 or 50? Should I have one every year or every two years? Are mammograms really useful?
“There is no question that mammograms help us detect breast cancer earlier,” says Melita Charles, MD, Breast Surgeon with the Ashikari Breast Center at Hudson Valley Hospital Center. “With more effective treatments and improved survival even for advanced disease, the benefit of early detection is not as obvious. However, I continue to follow the American Cancer Society (ACS) guidelines, which recommend that screening start at age 40 and continue annually as long as a woman is in good health.”
According to Dr. Charles, no one is recommending that screening mammograms stop. However, she says the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to screening might need to be modified.
“We need to identify ways to target screening to those who will benefit the most,” Dr. Charles says. “Until then, women should continue following ACS guidelines.”
Hudson Valley Hospital Center now offers 3D digital mammography, an innovative, new technology that allows physicians to examine breast tissue in greater detail than ever before. Call (914) 734-3674 to schedule your appointment.

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