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Expectant Parents' Guide

Your Baby, Your Way. It’s not just a slogan. It’s a philosophy.

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At Hudson Valley Hospital Center we work hard to educate prospective parents on preparing for their special day. Did you know that the hospital you choose may be the MOST important decision you will make when it comes to the birth of your baby?

Here are some key questions you should ask before choosing a Hospital.

- Do you require an Intravenous line?

Many hospitals require moms to be tied to an IV line once they enter the maternity floor. This inhibits movement, making it more difficult for moms to labor comfortably. Moms at HVHC can walk the halls, use the whirlpool tubs and engage in physical activity to encourage labor and faster birth.

- Do you allow outside support during the birth?

At Hudson Valley Hospital Center we recognize that families may want their own birth support. We not only allow Doulas or labor helpers, but encourage them.

- Will you work with me to develop and honor my birth plan?
Download a sample birth plan from our website and we will work with you to help you achieve all the goals you set out.

- Do you allow family/siblings to be there for the birth?

Our Hospital is one of the few to offer sibling birth classes so older siblings can be part of this special day and help to bring their brother/sister into the world. Family members are welcome during delivery.

- Do you have whirlpool tubs and can I have a water birth?
HVHC has whirlpool tubs in every labor and delivery room. Our moms are encouraged to labor in the tubs to ease labor pains and some choose to deliver in the tub.

- What options do you have for controlling pain?
At HVHC we encourage moms to deliver naturally, but if they choose pain medication we will support them with a full range of options, which includes not only traditional medications, epidurals etc., but alternatives such as acupuncture and guided meditation.

- If I have to have a Cesarean Section , can my baby remain with me?
At most hospitals if you have a Cesarean Section you will be separated from your baby. Not at HVHC. At Hudson Valley Hospital Center, our C-section rate is low. But even if you have one, we believe that mothers and babies should begin bonding immediately. Our mothers begin breastfeeding right in the operating room in what is called skin to skin bonding. Studies show that this not only helps babies acclimate to breastfeeding more quickly, but releases hormones in mom that can help her recover more quickly.

- Do you allow VBACs at your Hospital?

A VBAC stands for vaginal birth after Cesarean . For many years, it was common to think once a C-Section, always a C-Section. Mothers who delivered that way once were prevented from trying for a vaginal birth the second time. Some hospitals still follow this outdated rule. At HVHC, not only do we support moms who aspire to VBAC, but we encourage moms – even those who have had two C-sections – to try to deliver vaginally. Of course, the safety of mom and baby always comes first.

-What does your hospital do to support breastfeeding?

Many hospitals say they support breastfeeding, but HVHC goes above and beyond. Babies at HVHC room in with their moms. That way moms and babies are experts at breastfeeding before they leave the hospital. Not only does HVHC have a lactation consultant to advise moms in the hospital, but a dedicated phone assistance line that new moms can call once they return home. And they can get more support from the consultant and other moms at our breastfeeding support group that meets twice a month. Much of this is available in other hospitals, but we are the ONLY hospital in the region that is designated as a “Baby Friendly” hospital for our superior maternity and breastfeeding support programs.

- Aren’t all hospitals “Baby Friendly?”

The answer is a resounding no! Baby Friendly is a special designation given by the World Health Organization and Baby Friendly USA for excellence in maternity care and breastfeeding support. Only a small, selective group of hospitals nationwide have received this designation, and we are the only ones in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange and Dutchess counties. In order to become Baby Friendly, hospitals must meet a strict set of guidelines and requirements including:
-Completing a period of comprehensive training and preparation
- Providing new mothers with optimal care, information and instruction to successfully breastfeed or feed formula to their babies
- Undergoing a rigorous yearly review

What's your policy with twins?
At HVHC we specialize in multiple births. Many hospitals encourage C-Sections with twins. Not at HVHC. We believe that moms should have the option of delivering twins vaginally. If a C-Section is required, moms can still bond with her babies in operating room. We also have a Level II Neo-natal Intensive Care unit if the need should arsie so parents of multiples can feel safe and secure.


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