Ramadan: To Fast or not to Fast
Posted by Jul 9, 2013

Today is the start of Ramadan, a month long holy day celebrated by Muslims worldwide. Dr. Sadaf Lodhi of the Westchester Medical Practice explains the meaning of Ramadan and some…

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Garlic Pesto: A New Treat with Ancient Roots
Posted by Jul 8, 2013

  With summer in full-swing, Hudson Valley Hospital Center's Farmer's Market is coming into its own with a larger selection of fresh produce from local farms. If you're at a…

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Why a Farmer's Market?
Posted by Jun 24, 2013

Why A Farmers’ Market? With diet-related diseases on the rise, researchers and policymakers have searched for ways to improve the food choices made by individuals. Studies have found that access…

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Nurturing Life: A Garden Grows More than Plants
Posted by Jun 21, 2013

I remember the first time I planted something with my daughter who was then 3. I wanted to share my love for gardening. It brought me back to the thrill…

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