Code of Conduct


The Hudson Valley Hospital Center is committed to providing quality health care in a caring environment that is honest, respectful and dedicated to integrity. In order to maintain this commitment, we shall conduct our operations in full compliance with federal and state laws, rules and regulations and hold ourselves up to the highest ethical and business standards.
This Code of Conduct, which was approved and adopted by our Board of Directors, is a central component of our Compliance Program. It delineates the expectations we strive to meet in a constantly changing health care regulatory landscape and applies to all of our interactions, transactions and relationships.
Kindly review this Code carefully so that you know it well and understand what is expected of the organization and what is expected of you as you perform your duties and responsibilities on behalf of the organization. Everyone is accountable for promoting an ethical environment.
Do keep in mind that the Code is a guide and not a substitute for either the more detailed Hospital policies and procedures or the Hospital’s Compliance Plan.
Thank you for your support in moving our organization forward. The success of our Compliance Program depends on everyone working together to ensure its effectiveness.

Please click here to view our Hospital Code of Conduct