Hudson Valley Hospital Center is a fully accredited general, voluntary, not-for-profit 128-bed Hospital serving the community with high quality health care through our team of more than 350 physicians and 1,300 employees.

The Hospital was founded in 1889 by the Helping Hand Association. Today, the Hospital boasts excellent inpatient care in both medical and surgical units, a busy maternity unit, an intensive care unit, and a progressive care unit. The Hospital operates a full-service state-of-the-art, 24-hour, "no-wait" emergency department along with a state-of-the-art surgical center, laboratories, cardio-pulmonary center, and a physical therapy center.

The hospital’s services reach out to the community with our affiliates in, Croton, Putnam Valley, Montrose, Cold Spring and Hopewell. However, patients come from Dutchess County in the north and Orange County to the west.

The Board of Directors, made up of dedicated community citizens from the Hospital's service area, provides leadership without remuneration to maintain and expand Hospital programs offered to the community.

This combination of practical management, high technology and medical expertise enables Hudson Valley Hospital Center to diagnose, treat and monitor medical problems and emergencies in keeping with the highest standards possible in health care today.


Mission Statement

Hudson Valley Hospital Center is dedicated to serving the health care needs of the community and to providing quality, comprehensive medical care in a compassionate, professional, respectful manner, without regard to race, religion, national origin or disease category.

Offering state-of-the-art diagnostic treatment, education and preventive services, the Hospital is committed to improving the quality of life in the community.

In fulfilling this mission, the Hospital will strive to continuously improve the care provided and develop and offer programs, facilities, systems and alliances that most effectively respond to community health care needs.


From left to right: John C. Federspiel, President of Hudson Valley Hospital Center; Bindu Cherian, RN, BSN; Kathy Webster, RN, Vice President of Patient Services.

Cortlandt Manor, NY - (May 12, 2011) – A Hudson Valley Hospital Center Nurse has been named Hudson Valley Magazine’s Nurse of the Year.

Bindu Cherian, RN, BSN, who came to this country from India just five years ago, was selected from among 65 nominees for the annual award that salutes nursing excellence.

"I am pleased and very proud that our own Bindu Cherian on 3 South, was chosen  as 'Nurse of the Year' at the Hudson Valley Magazine’s 2011 Excellence in Nursing Awards," said John C. Federspiel, President of Hudson Valley Hospital Center. Congratulations are also in order for the nine other nurses on staff who were nominated for this award."

Westchester County Association presented APEX award to Hospital for $100 million renovation project

Cortlandt Manor, NY - (Oct 29, 2010) – In 2008 and 2009 when so many businesses were scaling back or closing entirely, Hudson Valley Hospital Center forged ahead with a $100 million economic development project that signaled hope in an otherwise bleak economy.


What is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a physician, with a specialty in Internal Medicine who provides care to patients that require a hospital-stay. The members of the hospitalist team at Hudson Valley Hospital Center are either board certified or board eligible. At least one of our eight full-time and two part-time hospitalists is always present in the hospital, 24-hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.

What role does a hospitalist play during my stay in the hospital?

The hospitalist fills a very significant role in the care of inpatients. He/she is on the premises at all times and ready to respond to questions and concerns of the patient and family. The hospitalist is in constant touch with your private physician to consult on day-to-day decisions about your care.

Will I see my own physician while I’m hospitalized?

A conversation between you and your physician will determine if the hospitalist or your doctor will care for you while you are in our hospital. Your doctor may choose to visit you regularly, or have the hospitalist take over for the duration of your stay.

Who decides if I will be admitted?

If your emergency room visit requires further care as an inpatient, the hospitalist will confer with your private physician. In addition, the hospitalist practice includes an in-house secretary to facilitate care and communication with your primary physician.

What Happens When I am Discharged?

Although your physician may choose to have our hospitalist care for you during your hospital stay, this in no way changes the relationship with you and your primary care physician. Because the hospitalist does not have an office-based practice, you will be returned to your primary care physician upon discharge. For those patients who do not have their own physician, you will be referred to a qualified physician who will take the case after discharge.

How does the hospitalist program benefit the patient?

There are many benefits to be realized with this program, for both the patient and the patient’s family: greater continuity of care, more in-person coordination of care; reduced length of stay. Patients who present to the emergency department and require admission are seen in a more timely manner, which expedites transfer out of the emergency department to the inpatient unit. Discharges should occur earlier in the day so you can start recovering sooner in the comfort of your own home.

What do our physicians say about the hospitalist program?

Dr. William Higgins:
“I am delighted to welcome the team of hospitalists to HVHC.  Continuity of care will be enhanced, and I can pick up the phone and talk to the hospitalist about my patient at any time during hospitalization,” states Dr. William Higgins. “And, when my patient comes home, I can continue the necessary medical attention.”

Dr. Valerie Zarcone:
“As president of the Medical Staff, I enthusiastically support the hospitalist program as an option for the physicians who choose to participate.”

How to reach the hospitalists of Hospital Medicine Associates:

The hospitalists at Hudson Valley Hospital Center are under the leadership of Richard Becker, M.D. Hospital Medicine Associates is a private practice, and that means easy access to a healthcare provider. To reach a hospitalist, please call 914-734-3600, any time day or night.

Please click here for more information about hospitalists and their role in caring for patients who are hospitalized.


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