Friday, 24 January 2014 16:46

Children of Haiti

Dr. Kerline Marceln has been writing to Hudson Valley Hospital Center to tell us about her mission to Haiti since she left here on Jan. 18. Dr. Marcelin is working at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Milot, Haiti where she and a team of eye surgeons are working to restore the sight of children and adults who could not otherwise afford treatment. They are also working to mentor local surgeons so that they can treat the local population after the visitors leave. Here are some or her texts.


Despite the poverty that most Haitians face. They dress neatly for school in their uniforms. I often saw them heading to school, walking over many miles to get to school, and many can be found doing homework at night on the street, under the outdoor street lights because of a lack of indoor lights.

These people need just so much! There's so many displaced kids since the quake. There's a few  kids in the street  ( ranging -age 6-12)  that I gave a couple of lollipops that my staff supplied me with from back home. Every  morning on my way to the hospital, there's always a small growing crowd of kids outside of my residence. They are sweet, endearing, and they are always on the streets. I inquired about why they aren't  in school and they say , "schools closed for strike, because teachers haven't been paid in months" Others say both their patents are dead from the Cholera that struck the town immediately after the quake! These kids get ecstatic over just one little lollipop. As soon as I walk out of the residence I hear these kids calling to me "Hey it's Dr. Kerl" "any sweet?" , and they always ask for extras for whatever friends that aren't with them . 



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