Cooking With Your Cardiologist?

Cooking With Your Cardiologist?

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I think it would be great fun to chop onions with my cardiologist, or sauté vegetables next to my gastroenterologist!

This is now possible with new “Physician in the Kitchen” classes that are featured among a variety of classes at NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital’s Chef Peter X. Kelly Teaching Kitchen. Through NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital’s Harvest for Health initiative, the hospital works with patients and the general community to teach them to better manage their health through diet and lifestyle changes. The initiative includes an organic garden on the hospital campus, monthly farmers’ markets, a locally sourced food service for patients and employees, and cooking classes at the Chef Peter X. Kelly Teaching Kitchen, named for the famed Hudson Valley chef and restaurateur.

The Teaching Kitchen offers cooking classes to patients, school children and the general community in an effort to promote healthy eating. Each month the cooking classes range from general cooking instruction to very specific curriculum for diabetes, cancer, and heart patients, as well as breastfeeding moms. The hospital has a responsibility to incorporate nutrition into every medical care plan of every diagnosis treated, and to hopefully discharge patients with an understanding of why their diet is so very important to their health. The programs offered through the Teaching Kitchen subscribe to the mantra, “Health thru Food.”

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