No wait ER

The Hospital's Emergency Department is one of the busiest in Westchester County, serving over 30,000 patients a year. Serious injury or illness are handled by qualified and highly trained emergency staff with specialty certifications. Our emergency department is also here for you when your condition is not as serious. Our Prompt Care track allows patients to receive prompt care for minor emergencies. Our specially trained and accredited physicians and nurses are ready to deliver quality emergency care 24-hours-a-day, 365 days a year. We are a designated stroke center.

"No-Wait ER"

At HVHC, emergency patients are greeted at the door and taken immediately to a triage room where a registered nurse quickly and efficiently assesses their condition. Health insurance information is taken later, at the bedside, with portable computers.

"I had never been in an ER like this before. Instead of sitting at a desk answering insurance questions, my friend started receiving medical care right away. It made the whole experience less stressful," said Cathy Montaldo, who accompanied a friend to the ER. "The ER was packed, but it was OK because she was being taken care of the entire time."

With innovations like the "No-Wait ER," it is no wonder that patient satisfaction scores are in the 97th percentile, testimony to the excellence of emergency care at HVHC.

While transforming the ER involved some physical changes, including additional triage rooms, the elimination of the reception desk, and the purchase of portable computers for registration, as well as increased staffing, the biggest change was in how the staff delivers care.

The entire staff made a giant leap, bringing the ER to new heights. The result is a radically different type of Emergency Room experience for the patient.