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The Ashikari Breast Center

Breast Cancer Surgeons

The expertise of the surgeons of The Ashikari Breast Center is now available at Hudson Valley Hospital Center.


The world renowned team of surgeons – like HVHC – is committed to providing individualized, quality care in a warm, compassionate environment, with a focus on positive results.


The Ashikari team has pioneered a breast reconstruction procedure that has attracted women from all over the world, most notably a nipple-sparing procedure that allows them to remove cancerous or potentially cancerous breast tissue, minimizing the trauma of a mastectomy. Many women, including those who are cancer-free, but have high-genetic risk and are seeking prophylactic surgery, favor this approach.


What sets the Ashikari team apart from others is their determination to use the latest and more effective techniques to eradicate cancer while fully supporting and treating the patient as a whole person.

For an appointment, call 914-734-3490 or visit their new website.


Here are just a few of the reasons why they are the leaders in their field:


  • 72-hour turnaround from the initial exam to surgical treatment;
  • Sparing more than 70 percent of patients more extensive surgery by determining whether cancer has spread to the lymph nodes before initial surgery;
  • Immediate reconstructive surgery during mastectomies to avoid repeated surgery.
  • A one-stage prophylactic mastectomy with immediate reconstruction to prevent breast cancer in patients with high-genetic risk.


The practice was founded by Dr. Roy Ashikari, a renowned breast cancer surgeon, and former Chief of The Breast Service at Sloane Kettering. He has treated thousands of patients, won prestigious awards both here and in his native Japan and published dozens of scientific articles on breast cancer.


Meet the Ashikari Team

Roy Ashikari

Roy Ashikari, M.D., FACS

Professor of Surgery at New York Medical College

Chief of The Breast Service at Sloane Kettering during the 1970’s and 1980’s, Dr. Ashikari has been the Premier Senior breast surgeon in Westchester County for the past two decades. He has written the seminal research papers on Paget’s disease, Ductal (DCIS) and Lobular (LCIS) Carcinoma In-Situ, Male breast cancer, and breast cancer in Pregnancy.


Andrew Ashikari

Andrew Ashikari, M.D., FACS

Assistant Professor of Surgery at New York Medical College

Dr. Ashikari received his general surgery training at Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein School of Medicine and attended the surgical oncology fellowship at University of Chicago Hospitals. He has published research on the topic of tumor immunology where he developed his clinical interest in melanoma. He also specializes in gastrointestinal tumors, breast cancer, and sarcoma. He has a strong clinical interest in women at high risk for breast cancer and prophylactic nipple-sparing mastectomy. Dr. Ashikari is a Prinicipal investigator for the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project (NSABP).


Pond Kelemen

Pond Kelemen, M.D., FACS

Associate Professor of Surgery at New York Medical College

After finishing a surgical pathology residency at The University of Illinois at Chicago, Dr. Kelemen received his general surgery training at The University of Chicago Hospitals. Thereafter he completed his surgical oncology Fellowship at the John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa Monica. He is well-published in the field of sentinel lymph node biopsy and the use of PET Scan Imaging in Surgical Oncology. His other clinical interests are endocrine surgery, breast cancer, gastrointestinal surgery, and sarcomas. Dr. Kelemen is a principal investigator for the American College of Surgeons Oncology Group (ACOSOG).