Progressive Care Unit/ICU/CCU

PCU Monitoring

NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital's PCU or Progressive Care Unit is designed to care for seriously ill patients who require constant monitoring but whose condition does not warrant care in the Intensive Care Unit. Often patients are moved from the ICU to the PCU as their condition improves.

In June of 2002, NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital became the first in the region to open a PCU. The goal was to give seriously ill patients a place where they could be carefully monitored, while freeing up space in the ICU for more critical patients.

Patients in the PCU require continuous monitoring, and treatments, such as, intravenous cardiac medications or insulin. The unit cares for stroke patients and patients with complications from chronic disease such as diabetics as well as a growing population of bariatric patients. PCU rooms are larger than general medical surgical rooms. With a dedicated nursing station, 24-hour cardiac monitoring, bedside dialysis, point-of-care computer technology, patients can receive close monitoring as their condition improves. In October of 2008, the PCU was expanded from 8 beds to 12 beds and a new Cardiac monitoring system, Telemetry command Center, Patient lift equipment, a special Bariatric Room, WiFi and bedside computers were added to allow nurses and doctors instant access to medical records at bedside.