Private Rooms

Post Partem Private Room

After recovery, new moms are transferred to private rooms with baths. Our 13  post-partum rooms are designed to make patients wonder if they’ve been transferred out of the hospital and into a hotel! In-room refrigerators, televisions with DVDs and  marble-tile baths help make these rooms a relaxing place for moms to get to know their new babies.

One of the hotel touches we offer is room service dining so that our mothers can sleep through an early morning breakfast tray – and order food when they’re ready.

Dads are welcome to stay overnight, and mothers choose whether they want their babies to remain with them for part or all of their stay. Our staff is always nearby, popping in when they hear a baby cry or during their hourly rounds.

During their stay, mothers can call on our lactation consultant for support and advice about breastfeeding.

For a tour of our Maternity Department, call 914-734-3258.