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The Joint Replacement Center

The Joint Replacement Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital attracts patients from New York City to Albany and provides a full continuum of specialized care from outpatient, inpatient and rehabilitation services.

Our comprehensive program focuses on education, pre-surgery preparation with an integrated approach to group and individual therapies to support a rapid and successful return to good health.

Prior to surgery, joint replacement patients are often live with advanced arthritis or other degenerative joint diseases and are unable to manage their pain with medications, modification of activity or physical therapy. Due to a variety of factors, our surgeons are seeing younger patients who require joint replacement surgery.

What are the deciding factors for joint replacement surgery?

  • Persistent pain even when your joint is at rest making sleep difficult
  • Substantial pain even after using non surgical options such as medications or physical therapy.
  • Reduction in ability to work or enjoy recreational activities.
  • Avoiding the use of the joint because of significant pain
  • Reaching the point when pain controls your entire life


Dr. Scott RussinoffUnited by a highly specialized team of physicians, nurses and technicians, the Joint Replacement Center offers the area’s best surgical options for its patients. The interdisciplinary team’s two primary focuses include positive outcomes with the highest level of compassion. Our team includes orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, specially-trained nurses, physical and occupational therapists and case managers.

The Center’s Medical Director, Scott Russinoff, MD, is a fellowship trained, orthopedic surgeon known for his extraordinarily low infection rates and comforting bed side manner.

The center has offices in the new Medical Office Building at 1978 Crompond Road, Cortlandt Manor. The building is attached to the hospital. For more information or to make an appointment, call 914-468-2268.








Listen to what patients have to say about the Joint Replacement Center at the hospital:


Ronna's Story: A Reverse Commute

Ronna LichtenbergWhen Ronna Lichtenberg, a successful communications executive who lives and works in Manhattan, found her hip and knee pain unbearable, she began investigating joint replacement.

Ronna had been experiencing a lot of knee and hip pain…in fact it was hard for her to even walk a block. Ronna couldn’t believe she was so disabled. She consulted surgeons in Manhattan. Some recommended massive doses of pain medications and anti-inflammatories, others surgery. She was confused and frightened. A friend recommended a consultation at NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital with Dr. Scott Russinoff, director of the hospital’s Joint Replacement Center. Once Ronna met Dr. Russinoff and learned about his talent, training, and compassionate approach, she chose NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital for both her knee and hip surgeries.

Many of Ronna’s friends were shocked that she chose to leave Manhattan for her surgeries. Ronna was glad she did. She had learned that at NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital the infection rate is virtually non-existent. The private rooms are wonderful. And the whole team works together beautifully. Great nurses – day and night. Great pain management team too.

Ronna rehabbed from the knee and 6 months later went back to do the hip. Today Ronna says she has full range of motion and doesn’t feel like she has any limitations, other than wearing stilettos.

“The Joint Replacement Center, is where I loved getting better,’’ she said. “The people are really committed, a great team who had the time and energy to look after me and my husband. That’s special.”


John Sweeney's story: Back in the air

Helicopter pilot John Sweeney suffered for a long time before having his surgery.

After waiting five years to have a hip replacement, Sweeney sought out Scott Russinoff, MD, Medical Director of the Joint Replacement Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital. He had surgery at the hospital in May 2011. He was walking within five days and back to work in seven weeks.

“The important thing is that I can do my job again,’’ he said. “When it comes time to do my other hip, I’ll have no hesitation.’’







Mike Harris' story: Back in the Saddle

A lifelong athlete, 54-year-old Mike Harris enjoyed years of basketball and competitive running before hip pain began severely affecting his quality of life.

“My hip gradually became worse and worse. By September 2011, I would go running one day and not be able to get out of bed the next,” says Harris. “I finally decided it was time to visit an orthopaedic specialist.”

Harris scheduled an appointment with Scott Russinoff, MD, Medical Director of the Joint Replacement Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital. Dr. Russinoff recommended Harris undergo total hip replacement surgery, which was performed at the Joint Replacement Center at the hospital in December 2011.

Seven months after his orthopedic surgery, he is back to regularly jogging on the treadmill and using an elliptical machine.

“I’m living proof that there is a reward for getting the proper treatment,” says Harris. “The only thing I regret is waiting so long to seek relief from my pain.”