Institute for Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine

Opened in 2009, the Institute for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine provides the latest in wound care management. At the Institute for Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine we employ a multi-disciplinary approach to fit each patient’s medical needs. Using the most advanced wound healing techniques including:

• Wound management
• Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
• Transcutaneous oxygen measurements (TCOM)

We have a comprehensive program run by a team of professionals including physicians and vascular surgeons specializing in wound care and hyperbaric medicine and certified wound care nurses and technicians.

Types Of Wounds We Treat

The types of wounds treated at the Institute include chronic and non-healing wounds including:

• Pressure/Decubitis ulcers
• Diabetic ulcers
• Sickle Cell ulcers
• Surgical incisions
• Venous stasis ulcer
• Arterial disease ulcer
• Vascular disease ulcer
• Lymphedema
• Post skin grafts/Flap wounds
• End stage Renal Failure/ Calciphylaxis

Why NYP/HVH Provides Superior Care

In 2014, we earned Re-Accreditation with Distinction from the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. This speaks to the level of care we provide at our Institute for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital is the only facility in the region to provide this level of service, according to the UHMS, the leading authority in the nation on hyperbaric medicine. Only 40 facilities in the nation and one other Hospital in New York State - Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse, a 400-bed teaching hospital - have earned Accreditation with Distinction from the UHMS.