Water Births

Women who choose to deliver while immersed in warm water often celebrate the experience as a gentle way to bring a baby into the world – and one that may reduce the pain and duration of labor.

If you are seeking a water birth, look no further than NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital. We believe in helping women have the birth experience they want – whether in a bed or in a tub.

what is water birthWe are one of the few hospitals in the state to allow water births. And, because our labor and delivery suite is the only one in the area that boasts a whirlpool tub in each of its five LDR rooms, no woman has to worry about whether a tub will be available when she goes into labor or is ready to deliver.

For women opting for natural childbirth, warm water can be a wonderful relaxant and ease tensions that can interfere with labor. The tubs are designed so that women can try different positions during labor, and the whirlpool jets can be turned on as needed to hit pressure points. In fact, some studies have shown that mothers who choose a water birth request fewer painkillers than those who don’t.

Practitioners doing water deliveries at Hudson Valley will regularly monitor mother and baby during labor and, if needed, can quickly help a woman out of the tub. Certain conditions, such as a breech presentation, an unusually large baby or signs of distress, would rule out a water delivery.

But water deliveries are an option for many women and require no special, advance preparation. With the practitioner leaning into the tub, the baby is delivered underwater and brought to the surface for their first breath. They are placed on their mother, and mother and baby can linger in the warm tub afterwards.