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Hudson Valley Hospital Center Paramedic Delivers Baby in Snow Storm


Baby arrives in ambulance after being snowbound at home

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Cortlandt Manor, NY - (December 28, 2010) – Neither rain, nor sleet, nor a foot of snow could stop the arrival of Desiree Pearson’s baby boy. Luckily, Cortlandt Paramedic Kenny Barton was there to greet him when he arrived in the back of the ambulance Monday morning on the way to Hudson Valley Hospital Center.


Barton, a paramedic with Cortlandt Regional Paramedics and an employee of Hudson Valley Hospital Center, said he and two EMTs from Mohegan Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Ben Rosner and Karen Novelli, were dispatched at 7:30 a.m. Monday morning to Skyview Cottages in Mohegan after Pearson called 911. But when they arrived, the ambulance could not get into the apartment complex. After hiking in on foot, the EMS team called a snow plow to clear a path for the ambulance.

“Eventually they dug a path to the door, but by that time her contractions were very close together,’’ said Barton. “We were on Route 6 about half way to Hudson Valley when the baby arrived.’’

Barton said delivery went smoothly. Mother and son, 6lbs 10 oz. Jabril Ali Barrow, are resting comfortably at Hudson Valley Hospital Center.